[2022] Planned Costco Construction Nationwide

We’ve spent a lot of time on planned retail construction recently, and this article covers a retail giant: Costco. Let’s take a look first at trends for planned Costco construction nationwide, and then we’ll get into some of the most notable planned Costco construction projects that BuildCentral’s been tracking.

The below Geospex Cluster map displays planned projects in yellow and under-construction projects in purple, grouping them by region. BuildCentral is keeping tabs on over $1.2B in planned and under-construction Costco projects that have updates in ConstructionWire within the last 90 days, as of January 11, 2021.

The above map groups projects by region. These planned (yellow) and under-construction (purple) Costco construction projects represent over $1.2B in planned construction projects that BuildCentral has updated within the last 90 days, as of 1/12/21.

While Costco clearly has construction activity planned and underway across the country, the company is certainly busier in some places than others. In fact, of the five states with the most planned and under-construction Costco projects, California has the most, with 42 percent of the top five’s projects. Check out the graphic below for more data on planned Costco construction.

The following projects are listed in order according to project value, and each has been updated in BuildCentral within the last 90 days, as of 1/12/21.

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