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Our mission is to empower service providers and suppliers to the hotel, multifamily, medical and commercial construction spaces.

BuildCentral’s accurate construction market intelligence is used by thousands to get their products specified, win quotes and drive more sales.

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Join the thousands relying on BuildCentral for rock-solid construction research, industry relationships and ROI-friendly results.

  • Your program is the best and I have used all of them in the market. I appreciate the depth of information I can extract out of your service. The information is 95% accurate, the links to architectural firms, competitors and owners is amazing and useful.

    Hill & Wilkinson
  • The information is current, accurate and, for the most part, ahead of the game. We really appreciate the ease, convenience and reliability of the custom weekly reports.

    Modular Service Company
  • We love how easy it is to do a search and have it sent to our emails. I am able to train anyone who needs help in under 5 minutes!

    Allied Construction Technologies

About Us

BuildCentral develops and markets innovative database products that help suppliers and vendors find new opportunities and customers.

Our focused markets include commercial construction, medical, hospitality and multi-family.  Call or email us today for a tour and no-cost preview of our data.

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