Hello Infrastructure+! A Game-Changer for Commercial Real Estate

BuildCentral is thrilled to announce the release of Infrastructure+, our latest planned construction database product which rounds out our suite of construction-vertical coverage. Infrastructure+ tracks planned infrastructure developments nationwide from proposal and planning stages through completion. The commercial real estate industry relies on Infrastructure+ for project, company, and decision-maker contact reports not just to track competition, but also to inform site selection.

We’ve written previously about how invaluable infrastructure is to each of our lives, whether because we depend on government legislation like the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill — existing infrastructure needs extensive repair and new, technologically sound transportation, communication, power, water, and waste infrastructure are both available and necessary to support a growing country — or because infrastructure both connects communities and serves to support development of new ones.

That’s exactly why we created Infrastructure+. Any good commercial real estate professional ought to be well acquainted with the basic infrastructure his portfolio depends on, and that attention to detail should extend to the site selection process: consider infrastructure for new CRE opportunities.

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Why are infrastructure developments crucial to the commercial real estate industry?

  • Infrastructure connects communities to new economic activities.

In commercial real estate (CRE), maintaining a competitive edge is crucial for achieving success. Whether you are a developer seeking out the perfect spot for a new shopping center or an investor assessing QSR competitors, the importance of infrastructure cannot be emphasized enough. With the upcoming introduction of Infrastructure+ by BuildCentral, obtaining early-stage information on road development is about to revolutionize the decision-making landscape within the CRE sector.

Imagine a meticulously planned strip mall with top-notch amenities and retail spaces, the type of high-quality product which might result from a coordinated tenant coordination effort. However, the success of this venture relies heavily on one important factor – accessibility. In commercial real estate, it’s a simple fact that people won’t buy or invest in a strip mall if they can’t easily reach it… we’ve all heard it before: Location, Location, Location. This is where Infrastructure+ comes into play, providing valuable early-stage data on road development that helps developers and investors with strategic foresight.

  • Infrastructure construction impacts foot traffic.

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, having foresight is a valuable asset. Infrastructure+ equips industry professionals with knowledge about upcoming developments which might impact road accessibility. This insight goes beyond mere convenience; it offers a strategic advantage. By knowing the direction of infrastructure development, site selectors can align their investments with areas that are primed for growth, ensuring they don’t miss out on emerging opportunities.

The consequences of overlooking infrastructure insights are significant. Just imagine being the site selector who failed to recognize that a new road was in the works. Suddenly, the lucrative new shopping complex you invested in becomes isolated, making it less attractive to potential tenants and customers.

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Planned infrastructure construction schedules

How does infrastructure impact the people and businesses around it?

  • Legal issues stem from infrastructure construction and damage impacts

Legal issues are also a constant concern in the field of real estate development. Disputes can arise in infrastructure projects as well as evidenced by the recent filing of an amicus brief by the U.S. Department of Justice in support of a Wisconsin Native American tribe. The case revolves around the tribe’s barricading of town roads that traverse tribal land, sparking a legal battle with impacted homeowners. The Justice Department’s involvement highlights the intricate relationship between infrastructure, legal disputes, and the importance of having comprehensive insights to make informed decisions. Infrastructure+ offers real estate professionals the necessary tools and information to navigate legal challenges and make well-informed decisions that minimize risks.

In a world where knowledge is power, BuildCentral leads the way by providing industry-leading insights through Infrastructure+. Stay ahead of the competition, mitigate risks, and uncover hidden opportunities with early-stage data on road development.

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