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Oncology centers have stayed open throughout the pandemic primarily because of how crucial they are to the vulnerable population of cancer patients. You may be familiar with the concept of a company that’s too big to fail; oncology centers were and are too crucial to close. In reviewing planned construction trends for oncology center projects tracked by MedicalConstructionData, we picked up on a few things, and we’ll share them here. First, though, here’s a bit more on oncology center construction as a source of consistent demand for medical supply manufacturers and vendors.

Why Oncology Center Construction Is Crucial…

As the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, got worse, got better, then got worse, and then continued, and, well, you know the story, cancer screenings declined sharply. Many people saw in-person appointments that could expose them to infected patients or staff — especially for cancer patients and other immunocompromised populations — as a risk too tall for their liking, even if it meant missing the onset or growth of new cancers, and for some, it meant exactly that. The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center cited delayed or canceled appointments when reporting that the percentage of people who had potentially cancerous lung nodules had risen from eight percent pre-pandemic to a whopping 29 percent.

…And Dependable

That we’ve risked catching fewer early-stage cases is undeniably bad news, but we’ve at least noticed the troubling trend and begun to address it. Plus, it seems like we’re closer to the end of the pandemic than we are to the beginning. The good news, though, is that oncology centers need maintenance and specialized equipment to continue to be prepared for future public health crises while offering top-level care. It’s no surprise, then, that nearly two-thirds of our tracked planned and ongoing oncology projects involve either renovations or additions and expansions.

Demand for state-of-the-art medical technology, supplies, and materials isn’t going anywhere, and it’s important to meet it. That’s where we at BuildCentral come in: to help you find your next medical project leads. That way, not only do you and your business keep humming, but so do the medical facilities on which we all depend. If you’re curious to know more about medical construction market leaders, including top health systems and hot markets, check out our Planned Medical Construction Pipelines, which offer an overview of key players and places for each medical facility type that we cover.

Notable New York State Oncology Center Projects

Here’s where we dish on some of the good stuff. We’ve got oncology center project reports fresh out of MedicalConstructionData. Use them firstly, of course, for their data, but keep in mind that they’re just a sampling, if also an up-to-date one. Secondly, though, note what you aren’t seeing: project lead contact information, Certificate of Need statuses, and news & notes; all data points that we research, report, and update every day.

You may be thinking, why New York? Well, as of 4.11.22, MedicalConstructionData from BuildCentral reveals that New York state alone accounts for over 10 percent of oncology renovation, addition, and expansion projects. While that share isn’t necessarily an outsized one, it is nation-leading. Now, onto the projects!

Mount Sinai Brooklyn Ambulatory Infusion Center Renovation

Facility Type: Medical Office
Sector: Private Clinical Specialties: Oncology, Primary Care, Imaging/Radiology, Obstetrics/Women’s Health
Estimated Value: $5.89
System: Mount Sinai Health System
Location: BrooklynNY 11234. 3131 Kings Hwy
Details: Plans call for renovations to 7,800 square feet on the first floor of the clinic to add eight infusion stations and relocate one mammography unit and one ultrasound unit.

Ellis Hospital Satellite Oncology Pharmacy Renovation

Facility Type: Acute Care Hospital
Sector: Private Clinical Specialties: Oncology, Pharmacy
Estimated Value: $0.915
System: Ellis Medicine
Location: SchenectadyNY 12308. 1101 Nott St 6th Fl, B Wing
Details: Plans call for renovations to 765 square feet of vacant space on the 6th floor of the B wing of the main hospital building for a new USP 800-compliant satellite pharmacy for the oncology clinic. The pharmacy will contain two compounding labs, an ante room, a hazardous drug (HD) storage room and a work room.

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Gynecology Relocation

Facility Type: Cancer Center
Sector: Private Clinical Specialties: Oncology, Obstetrics/Women’s Health
Estimated Value: $3.27
Location: BuffaloNY 14203. 665 Elm St
Details: Plans call for renovations to 4,950 square feet of space on the third floor of the clinical science center to relocate the gynecology center. There will be eight exam rooms, consultation rooms and various staff support areas.
Stage: Early Construction
Construction Start: Q1/2022
Construction End: Q3/2022

The above projects, as you may notice, all involve renovations. We track those, and from the project details section, you may be able to glean an idea of the granularity of the data we keep. Everything from the number of new infusion stations a facility needs to the dimensions of a purpose-built room. We want you to use this information — to use BuildCentral — not just to find the next medical facilities that could benefit from your services and expertise, but also to help those very treatment centers to be able to take proper care of their patients when the next pandemic hits.

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