How Being Nimble Helped Apex Hotel Source Thrive During COVID-19 

In early March 2020, Apex Hotel Source noticed their new business pipeline had slowed dramatically due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. 

Based in the greater Dallas area, Apex Hotel Source supplies small and mid-sized hotels with LG digital signage and guest room televisions.   

“Everything dried up,” says Jim Krawczyk, Head of National Accounts. 

Sensing a need to broaden their offerings in these uncertain times, their CEO found a source for medical masks and quickly made the pivot from serving the hospitality space to also serving the medical space. 

But with few contacts in this industry, finding prospects to speak with about their new product line was a challenge. 

According to Jim, Google searches took too long. 

And getting information from state agencies–many of whom are closed–was also not productive. 

After recalling their past success using BuildCentral’s HotelMarketData tool, they instead inquired about data on medical facilities. 

They reviewed BuildCentral’s MedicalConstructionData database and liked the breadth of facilities included in the data— but what impressed them most were the contacts. 

Says Jim, “We use the data differently now. We don’t start by going after the specific construction or renovation jobs, but rather the contacts.” 

With this new approach to the data, Apex now searches for contacts at all appropriate medical facilities—not just those under renovation. 

Using a simple outbound strategy, Apex Hotel Source is now finding appropriate medical facility prospects in far less time and has already successfully sold into a number of accounts. 

With an eye towards growth, Apex has since expanded the number of users on their account. 

According to Jim, “Because the tool is easy to use, it is easy to train staff to use as well.  The filtering is phenomenal. We also like the saved searches.” 

Jim reports that BuildCentral data has seen an estimated 75% more usage since the outbreak started affecting the industry. 

BuildCentral applauds the entire Apex Hotel Source team for being nimble and creative during times like these.  That’s why we’re proud to make them this week’s customer spotlight. 

Editor’s Note: 

If Jim and his team can help your business, call him at 847-546-9600 or send him an email.