BuildCentral Customer Spotlight: Staff Zone

Staff Zone Expands During COVID-19

For more than 15 years, BuildCentral customer Staff Zone has provided general and skilled labor to the construction industry.

Despite COVID-19, Staff Zone is proud to say it is now expanding into three new markets.

These new facilities will be located in Florida, Tennessee, and Nevada and each branch will have a fleet of vans to help transport workers.

Staff Zone provides staffing support for any stage of construction including heavy equipment operators, job site cleanup, composite cleanup crews, punch carpenters, moving crews, and more.

When asked about the underlying reasons for the company’s expansion, Staff Zone Director of Sales, Amanda Albert, offered two: employee dedication and thorough market research.

Says Amanda, “There is an overwhelming desire to live up to our ‘Best-in-Class’ mantra.  That means sales reps are more apt to find creative ways to offer solutions to customers on site and our operations team is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers.”

Proud to support essential services, Staff Zone is committed to the safety of their workers and is committed to taking all appropriate precautions during COVID-19.

Congratulations are in order for Staff Zone who are still finding ways to grow in uncertain times.

For that reason, they are this week’s BuildCentral Customer Spotlight.

Editor’s Note:

If Amanda and her team can help your business, give her a call at 770-645-6134 ext. 310, or send her an email.

Visit Staff Zone at