[2024] Top 10 Upcoming Construction Projects in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is always a good bet, especially when it comes to construction.

As a tourism and conference hub, Las Vegas always has a number of upcoming construction projects to look forward to. 
Unsurprisingly, some of the largest construction projects in Las Vegas are hotels.

Residential Las Vegas construction projects have been booming in recent years. And there are some exciting commercial construction projects underway as well. You can view the Top Retail Chains, DevelopersArchitects, and Contractors to stay informed.

Check out these upcoming Las Vegas construction projects taken from ConstructionWire’s commercial construction database. 

AC by Marriott Symphony Park

Project Type/Size:Hotels (400 rooms), Retail/Restaurants (< 10,000 sq-ft), Athletic Facilities (< 10,000 sq-ft), Conventions/Arenas (20,000 sq-ft)
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$95 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89106. 330 S Grand Central Parkway  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the construction of a new six-story, 400-room AC by Marriott. The hotel will include a restaurant, fitness center, retail space, and 20,000 square feet of meeting space.

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Renovation

Project Type/Size:Schools (K-12)/Athletic Facilities (50,000-99,999 sq-ft), Schools (K-12) (10,000-24,999 sq-ft), Parking Structures
Construction Type:New, Renovation
Estimated Value:$52 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89101. 315 S 7th St  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the renovation of the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts to include a modern gymnasium, a 542-space parking garage, an administration building, a student union with classrooms and lunchroom, a black box theater, spaces for dance, drama, and music instruction, and a new central plant. Nine old structures will be replaced by eight new buildings as part of the development.

Bleutech Park Las Vegas

Project Type/Size:Retail/Restaurants (100,000-249,999 sq-ft), Conventions/Arenas (100,000-249,999 sq-ft), MultiFamily (250,000+ sq-ft), Office (250,000+ sq-ft)
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$7500 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89183. W Cactus Ave & S Las Vegas Blvd (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the construction of mixed-use, mini city. The development will include luxury residential, workforce housing, offices, retail, an entertainment venue, and hotels. The development will focus on green technologies such as self-healing concrete, waste-heat recovery, water purification, efficient energy generation, and net-zero building designs.

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M Resort Hotel Tower

Project Type/Size:Hotels (384 rooms), Retail/Restaurants (10,000-24,999 sq-ft), Retail/Athletic Facilities (10,000-24,999 sq-ft), Retail/Social (100,000-249,999 sq-ft)
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$206 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89044. near 12300 Las Vegas Blvd S (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the construction of a new hotel tower at the M Resort that will feature a 384-room expansion, 92,000 square feet of event space, including the 25,000-square-foot M Pavilion, LUX special event venues, and a 17,400-square-foot ballroom. Also on-site are 11 restaurants and bars, the Spa Mio, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a 100,000-square-foot pool-and-events piazza.

Full Gospel Korean Church and School Phase I

Project Type/Size:Retail/Schools (K-12)/Cultural/Restaurants (31,289 sq-ft), Religious Facilities/Athletic Facilities (44,129 sq-ft)
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$5-$25 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89123. Pebble Rd and S Buffalo Dr (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the construction of a two-story, 44,129-square-foot church with a gymnasium, a kitchen / cafe, a bookstore, offices, and restrooms, and a one-story, 31,289-square-foot nursery/elementary school with classrooms, multipurpose rooms, and restrooms.

West Harmon Ave and South Las Vegas Boulevard Casino Resort

Project Type/Size:Hotels (2240 rooms), Social (10,000-24,999 sq-ft), Casinos (25,000-49,999 sq-ft), Retail/Restaurants (50,000-99,999 sq-ft), Retail (50,000-99,999 sq-ft), Parking Structures
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$291 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89101. 3725 to 3735 Las Vegas Boulevard South  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the construction of a new 43-story integrated resort with 2,240 guestrooms casino hotels with bars, convention space, nearly 59,000 square feet of casino space, dining options, a spa, a wedding chapel, a 2,500-seat theater and a parking garage boasting nearly 2,000 spaces

Kimberly Skilled Nursing Facility

Project Type/Size:MultiFamily (25,000-49,999 sq-ft), Medical
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$12 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89122. 5013 Broadbent Blvd  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the construction of a new 144-bed single-story skilled nursing facility.

Bottled Blonde

Project Type/Size:Retail/Restaurants (225,000 sq-ft)
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$50 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89109. 3635 S Las Vegas Blvd  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for construction of a new 225,000-square-foot four-story entertainment venue.
Stage:Early Construction

Jerome Mack Middle School – Comprehensive Modernization

Project Type/Size:Schools (K-12) (25,000-49,999 sq-ft)
Construction Type:Renovation
Estimated Value:$23.319 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89121. 4250 E Karen Ave  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for the renovation of Jerome Mack Middle School. The work includes Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Information Technology, and Security.
Stage:Early Construction

Vista del Sol Apartments aka Vegas Valley Senior Supportive Housing Development

Project Type/Size:MultiFamily (70 units), Office/Athletic Facilities/Social (< 10,000 sq-ft)
Construction Type:New
Estimated Value:$13 million
Location:Las Vegas, NV 89121. 4945 Vegas Valley Drive  (View Map)
Details:Plans call for construction of “L” shaped, three-story, senior housing building on 2.5 acres of land. Development includes 70 residential units, as well as lobby, community room, exercise room,offices, equipment rooms on the first floor. A parking area with 73 spaces is also proposed.

Las Vegas Construction Pipelines by Vertical

BuildCentral is tracking 660 projects in planning or under construction totaling over 29,160M in value.

Las Vegas Retail Construction

BuildCentral is tracking 18 projects under construction over 648.5k ft².

Las Vegas Hotel Construction

BuildCentral is tracking 7 projects under construction totaling over $534M in value.

Las Vegas Medical Construction

BuildCentral is tracking 7 projects under construction totaling over $53M in value.

Las Vegas Multi-family Residential Construction

BuildCentral is tracking 11 projects under construction and over 2.7k in units.

Las Vegas Single-family Residential Construction

BuildCentral is tracking 11 projects under construction totaling over $100M in value./

What’s New In Las Vegas Construction?

Las Vegas has introduced the Sphere, a groundbreaking $2.3 billion entertainment venue with significant construction innovations. Construction began in 2018, and ended on July 4, marked by an impressive fireworks show. Notably, the Sphere houses the world’s largest LED screen, spanning 580,000 square feet and adorned with 1.2 million puck lights. Each light, equipped with 48 diodes capable of displaying 256 million colors. Described as “living architecture,” the Sphere also holds the distinction of being the world’s largest spherical structure, standing at 516 feet wide and 366 feet tall. With a seating capacity of 17,600 and standing room for 20,000.

The Sphere and Michael Heizer's “City,” Reviewed: Two Paths for Immersion |  The New Yorker

Courtesy of The New Yorker

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