Upcoming Las Vegas Hotel Construction Projects [2024]

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant entertainment and hospitality, is undergoing a glamorous transformation with a wave of new hotel construction projects. BuildCentral’s HotelMarketData has identified over 7 new hotel construction projects totaling over $534M in Las Vegas within the last 90 days, signaling a commitment to maintaining its status as a premier destination for travelers.

Several factors contribute to Las Vegas’ enduring appeal for hotel construction:

1. As the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors seeking not only world-class accommodations but also unforgettable experiences. Hotel developers capitalize on this demand, creating properties that integrate entertainment seamlessly into the guest experience.

2. Las Vegas is a premier destination for conventions and conferences, drawing business travelers from around the globe. The city’s commitment to expanding convention spaces and accommodations ensures a steady demand for new hotel developments.

To provide a glimpse into the opulent world of Las Vegas hospitality, here are some noteworthy hotel construction projects as per BuildCentral’s HotelMarketData:

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Renovations

Construction Type: Renovation Chain: Independent – Resort
Estimated Value: $92 million Franchise: Independent
Rooms: 2900 Scale:
Location: Las Vegas, NV 89109. 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South (View Map)
Details: Plans call for renovations to the resort’s guestrooms.
Stage: Planning

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Renovations

Construction Type: Renovation Chain: Independent – Mid-Range
Estimated Value: $5.4 million Franchise: Independent
Rooms: 711 Scale: Mid-Range
Location: Las Vegas, NV 89103. 4000 W Flamingo Rd (View Map)
Details: Plans call for renovations to the 711-room Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, which will focus on updates to the public restrooms on the casino floor.
Stage: Construction

Harlem Nights Resort

Construction Type: New Chain: Unknown – Upscale
Estimated Value: $15 million Franchise: Unknown
Rooms: 764 Scale: Upscale
Location: Las Vegas, NV 89106. 600 Jackson Ave (View Map)
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service, Retail
Details: Plans call for the construction of a 34-story resort tower that will include 764 hotel rooms, 358 residential units, gambling and retail spaces, a night club, lounges, restaurants, and a 900-seat theater.
Stage: Planning


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