Tips for More Sales at ICSC with Sales Coach Dan Faber of Lushin

We had the privilege of interviewing Dan Faber, an experienced sales coach at Lushin. His expertise provided us with invaluable advice on mastering the art of trade show sales like a seasoned professional.

Dan Faber, Lushin


1. Know Your Audience Beforehand

Dan stresses the importance of preparation, starting with acquiring a list of attendees if possible. “If you can get access to a list of attendees, it’s really helpful to get that beforehand,” he advises. Armed with this information, reach out to potential leads four to six weeks prior to the event to schedule meetings. But even before reaching out, Dan emphasizes the need to know your ideal buyers inside out. Understand the industry, company size, ownership structure, and the specific pain points your product or service can address. Keep up with our Trade Show & Events Calendar to catch BuildCentral on the road.

2. Personalize Your Approach

When engaging with prospects, it’s important to tailor your message to resonate with their unique challenges. Dan suggests studying past clients to identify common pain points that your solution can alleviate. “Before they worked with us, what problems did they have that they no longer have now that they work with us?” he prompts. By understanding your clients’ needs intimately, you can position yourself as a solution provider rather than just another vendor.

3. Focus on Why Before What

In sales, it’s easy to dive straight into pitching your product or service. However, Dan advocates flipping the script and prioritizing the “why” over the “what.” “Why before what?” he emphasizes. Instead of bombarding prospects with features and benefits, delve into the underlying problems they’re trying to solve. By addressing their pain points upfront, you demonstrate empathy and understanding, laying the groundwork for a meaningful conversation.

4. Be Memorable

Standing out in a room full of exhibitors can be challenging, but Dan encourages salespeople to embrace their uniqueness. “Be different,” he urges. Rather than delivering a cookie-cutter pitch, inject personality and humor into your interactions. Catch prospects off guard with unexpected openers like, “Tired of talking to salespeople yet?” By breaking the ice in a lighthearted manner, you make a memorable impression that sets you apart from the crowd.

5. Follow-Up with Purpose

The real success of a trade show lies in the follow-up. Dan cautions against the common practice of collecting business cards without a clear plan for follow-up. Instead, aim to set concrete next steps during your interactions. Whether it’s scheduling a follow-up meeting or eliciting a memorable detail to include in your follow-up message, ensure that each interaction moves the relationship forward. Book a meeting with BuildCentral here.

6. Set Goals 

Finally, Dan advises setting clear goals for each trade show, whether it’s the number of conversations, meetings scheduled, or sales closed. Treat each event as an opportunity for growth and skill development. “Create like a video game,” he suggests, turning the challenge of networking into a fun, goal-oriented plan.

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