Must-Visit Tech Exhibitors at ICSC Las Vegas 2024

Get ready for an exciting experience at ICSC Las Vegas 2024! This event is a prime opportunity to explore new innovations, current trends, and lucrative prospects in the retail real estate world. ICSC Las Vegas 2024 is set to be a melting pot of creativity and collaboration for industry experts. Be sure to check out these standout exhibitors who are leading the way for the future of retail. Keep up with our Trade Show & Events Calendar to catch BuildCentral on the road.

Which companies should I check out at ICSC?

Kalibrate – Booth #5512P

Kalibrate is transforming the way decisions are made in the retail and fuel industries by revolutionizing data solutions. By focusing on eliminating uncertainty, Kalibrate empowers organizations to make strategic and well-informed choices supported by the most precise and comprehensive datasets in the world. Their array of data products, including Fuel Site Analysis, TrafficMetrix®, Fuel Market Data, and Canada Market Intelligence, provide profound insights into market dynamics, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.

What truly distinguishes Kalibrate is the exceptional quality and unparalleled uniqueness of their data. With their patented data science methods and an impressive 60% of proprietary data, Kalibrate offers insights that are simply unmatched by any other source.

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SiteSeer – Booth #2887L

SiteSeer is a comprehensive platform designed to assist businesses in finding the best markets and sites for their retail, restaurant, or other business concepts. It offers features such as evaluating potential opportunities, visualizing site selection profiles on maps, and creating scorecards and hot spots quickly. The platform also utilizes AI/machine learning to enhance the accuracy of sales forecasts, allowing businesses to produce predictive models tailored to their needs. Additionally, SiteSeer helps businesses discover their best customers by analyzing consumer activity, behaviors, and attitudes using mobile phone and other data sources. It also aids in finding the best tenants to fill retail demand gaps in trade areas through Void Analysis and Retail Match tools.

Courtesy of SiteSeer

BuildCentral – Booth #910U

BuildCentral provides pre-permit planned developments data, offering unparalleled insights into future real estate developments across various asset types, including retail, multifamily, single-family, medical, hotels, energy, schools, offices, and industrial properties. Their platform serves developers, brokers, REITs, private equity real estate firms, asset managers, investors, investment advisors, local governments, municipalities, retailers, retail consultancies, franchise owners, and eCommerce businesses.

BuildCentral’s key features include market and location analysis tools for filling gaps in data and projections, competition tracking functionalities for monitoring competing brands and development activities, and planned developments data visualization capabilities, enabling users to locate and visualize otherwise invisible planned projects that could impact their business’s growth.  Book a meeting with us to learn more

BuildCentral Planned Developments – Booth #3114G, #5330Q is a Real World Location Intelligence Platform that provides businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior, competition, and industry trends. Their dashboard offers comprehensive data on customer visitation, allowing businesses to understand foot traffic counts, dwell time, and customer segments. They also provide insights into true trade areas, customer demographics, competitive benchmarking, industry trends, and area analysis, including traffic volumes and nearby real estate development.’s data feed feature allows for automatic daily exports of aggregated data, which can be integrated into internal business intelligence tools or used to build advanced prediction models.

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PiinPoint – Booth #5354S

PiinPoint is a location intelligence platform powered by AI and machine learning, designed to enhance location success for businesses. It offers an easy-to-use interface for analytics and data exploration, leveraging machine learning to provide deep insights into markets across North America and Australia. With access to 4.2 billion data points updated weekly, PiinPoint ensures comprehensive insights across various categories including demographics, geosocial data, competition, mobile location data, traffic patterns, zoning, and development data.

Site Report

Courtesy of Pinpoint

Esri – Booth #3220F

Esri, a global leader in geographic information system (GIS) software and mapping, provides a comprehensive platform for creating, managing, analyzing, and mapping all types of data. GIS connects location data with descriptive information, enabling users to understand patterns, relationships, and geographic context. Esri’s GIS software provides comprehensive mapping and visualization capabilities, seamless data integration and management, and advanced spatial analysis tools.
About ArcGIS | Mapping & Analytics Software and Services

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Tango Analytics – Booth #5545R

Tango Analytics offers a suite of products designed to streamline the real estate and facilities lifecycle, providing cutting-edge capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Their Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and Strategic Location Management solution enable faster implementation and lower total cost of ownership. Key features include Tango Predictive Analytics for crafting intelligent location strategies, Tango AI for informed decision-making, Tango Portfolio Strategy for immediate portfolio analysis, Tango Transactions for evaluating opportunities and optimizing plans, Tango Projects for managing development activities efficiently, Tango Lease for lease management and compliance, as well as other features.

Tango Platform

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Sitewise – Booth #5348S

Sitewise offers market planning software and solutions designed to foster brand growth through data-driven decision-making. Key features include the Sitewise platform and mobile app, customizable to brand needs for faster decision-making with adaptive tools, powerful analytics, and custom reports. Their solutions, supported by a team of site selection and modeling experts, address challenges specific to multi-unit brands, offering predictive analytics, market strategy automation, site evaluation insights, and franchise territory management strategies.

Sitewise Mobile App

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ChainXY – Booth #518U

ChainXY is a revolutionary data solution catering to retail, restaurant, and real estate professionals, providing curated chain list data essential for real estate analytics. Key features include unparalleled accuracy, with locational data directly sourced and meticulously validated to ensure currency and positional precision. ChainXY prioritizes quality, employing a multi-step spatial geocoding process that combines  data science with human expertise. Additionally, the platform offers unparalleled accessibility, allowing users to access data through various formats including Excel downloads, KML, Shapefile, Tableau, ArcGIS, or API calls, ensuring flexibility and convenience in data retrieval.

Full ChainXY Subscription

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