6 Businesses You Can Start Today Using BuildCentral Construction Data

In times like these, more people than ever are deciding to start their own businesses.

Whether it’s due to a layoff, a furlough, or just a general desire to better control their financial futures, Americans are leaning in and using this time to leverage their experience to start new companies.

If you’re among them, you may be wondering which route makes the most sense for you?

Let’s explore 6 businesses you can start today using BuildCentral’s affordable suite of construction data products.

1. Cleaning Services

Business Type Cleaning
Customer Acquisition Challenges Relationship driven. Fierce competition.
How BuildCentral can help Find new projects most likely to be without a vendor. Connect with owners who can award full portfolio or single facility. Connect with GCs who can award construction clean up work.

Because cleaning services have a fairly low barrier to entry, about anyone can get started.

The only thing stopping you is knowing who to call.

And that’s where BuildCentral comes in.

When you sort by construction stage in ConstructionWire or any other BuildCentral data portal, you have the ability to filter opportunities by region and by who is “topping out”, or nearing completion.

ConstructionWire projects topping out

Because these projects are not yet complete, it’s likely many vendors haven’t been contracted yet.

Find the contacts for those opportunities in the people tab and now you’ve built a solid list you can reach by phone or email. (We prefer the phone.)

Any building has an owner who can approve you for one facility or an entire portfolio of properties.

General contractors may also have a need for construction site clean up.

Cleaning vendors that offer deep cleaning or specialty sanitization services will be especially successful right now.

2. Medical Sales

Business Type Medical Device/Product/Software Sales
Customer Acquisition Challenges Hard to find all the facilities, health systems and decision makers.
How BuildCentral can help CON data, many diverse facilities, head start on earliest opportunities.

Individuals with sales skills can find a lot of opportunities in BuildCentral’s data.

And one set of data in particular — our MedicalConstructionData.com product — has enough actionable intelligence to power whole sales teams, let alone a one person shop.

Whether you’re looking to sell IT services, medical products or devices, MedicalConstructionData has an unusually rich supply of facility types to contact.

Sort by your preferred region and facility type to find the health system or owner responsible for completed and topping out projects.

From medical office buildings to senior and memory care facilities, to dialysis, dental and even veterinary facilities, your opportunities for finding new customers are substantial.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

MedicalConstructionData even provides Certificate of Need data, making it the most comprehensive tool of its kind anywhere.

3. Commercial Roofing and Carpentry Services

Business Type Commercial Roofing/ Carpentry
Customer Acquisition Challenges Hard to break into commercial projects
How BuildCentral can help All commercial construction over 500k, decision makers, relationship data.

With home improvements way down on the list of priorities these days, residential roofing and decking contractors are taking a huge hit.

Savvy residential builders that want to pivot to commercial projects can utilize ConstructionWire.com to find commercial or mixed-use jobs in their area.

Here, you can use the data to go right to an owner/developer, or you can use the tool to find GCs in your region that are a good fit for what you offer based on past projects.

4. FF&E Sales

Business Type FF&E
Customer Acquisition Challenges Hotels are experiencing a downturn
How BuildCentral can help Diversify customer base to include MultiFamily properties

Because COVID-19 has impacted hotel occupancy, demand for FF&E in the space has diminished.

Vendors in this space need to diversify their customer base to respond.

Here’s where our MultiFamilyData.com product can help.

With insights into the multifamily market, you can see condos, apartments and senior living construction projects that are still great candidates for lighting, artwork, furniture, etc.

You can search by region and then drill down for more details and relevant contacts at each property of interest in a snap. Contact information is also provided.

5. MultiFamily Investing

Business Type MultiFamily Investing
Customer Acquisition Challenges Where to find properties for sale
How BuildCentral can help Find under the radar properties for sale and pipeline for rentals, LLC owners

MultiFamily investing has been seen as a saving grace for many commercial real estate and hotel investors.

Again, by using our MultiFamilyData.com tool you can identify properties for sale and the construction pipeline for multifamily rentals.

A key feature offered in MultiFamily Data is the ability to sort by different multifamily product types to find properties that complement an existing portfolio.

Multifamily Data

Whether you focus on luxury, market rate or senior living, you’ll find a robust array of upcoming and existing properties that may fit your specific investment criteria.

Another strong feature is the multifamily analytics tab.

With our analytics you can see the construction pipeline and location analytics right in your dashboard, so you know where your time is best spent.

Additionally, when possible, we’ll provide contact information for any LLCs associated with a property, which can be a major time saver.

6. Staffing

Business Type Staffing
Customer Acquisition Challenges Finding the right candidates, prospect pools not on LinkedIn
How BuildCentral can help Contact details for every major GC in the country, plus historical relationships

Staffing is among the most lucrative businesses because it’s a low overhead, high margin business.

With staffing fees for a new hire usually amounting to 25 to 30% of the first year’s salary, even a one person shop could pull in a six figure income just by doing a couple deals a month.

Given the labor shortage that already exists in construction, the demand for top-tier construction managers, or estimator roles should remain for years to come.

With our ConstructionWire portal alone, you’ll have access to contacts at every major general contractor in the country and the principal contacts that could approve a new hire.

Emails and contact information are provided as well as a date stamp, so you’ll know you’ve got the very best data.

List of General Contractor contacts


These are just a few of the many businesses you can start today using the construction insights from BuildCentral.

For more ideas, or to learn more, grab a free trial or call 866-316-5300 to speak with a data specialist.