How To Find Hotel Fitness Center Construction Leads

Identifying and then winning bids for construction jobs can be a total pain. That job doesn’t get any easier with seemingly infinite projects to sift through.

After all, you may offer services that apply to a select group of construction jobs. That’s why we’re going to walk you through how BuildCentral users can use HotelMarketData to find the right hotel construction projects for their businesses. In this case, we’re starting with fitness centers; that is, how to search for hotel projects that entail the addition or renovation of a fitness center.

The first and most obvious question here is, well, who cares? Maybe you sell gym equipment like treadmills, free weights or power racks. Maybe instead you specialize in machine installation, gym flooring, or other fitness center-specific goods and services. You might even sell microfiber towels. Who knows. The point is, fitness centers need or stand to benefit from all of these things, and hotels want their guests to have as pleasant an experience as possible. That means offering stellar amenities!

So, if you fit into any of those above categories, or one like them, you may be interested in some of the search filters that BuildCentral offers across its range of products. If you can hone in on just those hotel projects that entail fitness center-related construction, you’re much better positioned to do business. So, here’s another way to get the most out of HotelMarketData. You’ll want to keep reading for some project reports on notable hotel fitness center projects too.

Filter By Hotel Amenities

HotelMarketData allows users to search for hotel projects based on the amenities that a given hotel offers — or plans to offer post-construction. The hotel amenities that BuildCentral tracks include fitness centers, pools, restaurants, spas, and meeting spaces.

If you want to look for hotels who are renovating to build or renovate, say, an attached restaurant, then you can do that! That way, you don’t need to waste time skimming project reports and hotel websites to see if they’re in need of the materials or services in which you and your company specialize.

HotelMarketData lets users filter their project searches for hotels by their amenities, including fitness centers, pools, restaurants, spas, and meeting spaces.

Filtering for hotel amenities is entirely straightforward. When executing a project search in HotelMarketData, simply navigate to the Amenity drop-down; from there, you can select the radio boxes for the amenities for which you’d like to filter your search. Although you can isolate hotels with spas, for example, the filter won’t necessarily yield search results exclusively for projects that entail new, renovated, or expanded spas. Instead, you’ll also be seeing projects by hotels that may already have a spa. Either way, you’re seeing sites with amenities that may need your help, whether in design, construction, or maintenance.

Notable Hotel Fitness Center Construction Projects

Erieview Tower

Construction Type: Repurpose/Conversion Chain: W Hotels
Estimated Value: $136.2 million Franchise: Marriott International Inc.
Rooms: 210 Scale: Upscale
Location: ClevelandOH 44114. 1301 East Ninth Street
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service, Gym
Details: Plans call for renovations and the conversion of the Tower at Erieview. Work will include a 210-room W Hotel, 227 high-end apartments, more than 300,000 square feet of office space, and a 15,000-square-foot ballroom with an event center and conference space. The 38th floor will be converted into a fine-dining restaurant, and renovations to the adjacent 130,000-square-foot Galleria will turn it into a “lifestyle center,” complete with a spa and gym.
Stage: Construction
Construction Start: Q1/2022
Construction End: Q3/2024

The Adams Hotel

Construction Type: Repurpose/Conversion
Estimated Value: $1-$5 million
Rooms: 11 Scale: Upscale
Location: MilwaukeeWI 53202. 790 N Jackson St
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service, Gym
Details: Plans call for the conversion of the existing four-story Adams building into a boutique hotel with 11 rooms, a fitness facility, and two ground-floor restaurants.
Stage: Construction
Construction Start: Q3/2020
Construction End: Q3/2022
Bid Due Date: N/A

The Baker Hotel and Spa

Construction Type: Repurpose/Conversion
Estimated Value: $56 million
Rooms: 165
Location: Mineral WellsTX 76067. 200 East Hubbard Street
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service, Retail, Pool, Gym
Details: Plans call for the renovation of the 14-story Baker Hotel. The project calls for converting the hotel into a destination spa and reducing the number of rooms from 400 to 165. The hotel would also have retail space at the street level, a full-service spa, a 4,875-square-foot ballroom, a gymnasium and 23,750 square feet of meeting space. The property would have a restaurant, coffee shop, banquet kitchen, and a swimming pool and fitness center.
Stage: Construction
Construction Start: Q1/2020
Construction End: Q1/2024

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