[2024] Top States for Wind Farm Projects

Here, we detail the top states for wind farm projects in the United States. Using BCI’s Global Energy & Mining database (GEM), we’ve compiled data on wind farm projects across the country to give you the best insights into planned or under-construction wind farm projects in each state.

Our Top Wind Turbine Manufacturers blog describes how taking advantage of emission-free sources of renewable energy is crucial to limiting the harmful effects of climate change. The upside isn’t just a cleaner, healthier Earth more amenable to humans. In addition to being environmentally friendly, harnessing wind energy is massively cost-effective. In fact, renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels, and the gap is getting bigger.

Below, we list the top states by total wind farm project value, per a GEM project search for U.S.-based wind farm projects that GEM has added or updated between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21. We filtered our GEM project search for wind farm projects in the Concept, Design & Documentation, Pre-Construction, and Construction stages. We also highlight one significant wind farm project from each state.

In aggregating data on recently-updated wind farm projects, we offer at the very least a starting point as you look to plan for 2022. Read on for those precious insights!

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