affordable multifamily developers in portland, oregon

[2024] Top Affordable Multifamily Developers in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is home to affordable multifamily construction pipeline of more than 14,000 projects, per MultiFamilyData from BuildCentral. That figure is enough to put Portland in the company of significantly larger and more populated metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Only time will tell whether or not that trend will continue, but it’s concurrent with Portland’s outstanding affordable multifamily housing pipeline. As such, we’re looking into the developers building the future of Portland’s affordable multifamily housing. We’re also spotlighting one project report from each developer to give you a taste of the data that MultiFamilyData has to offer.

Who are the top affordable multifamily housing developers in Portland, Oregon?

BRIDGE Housing Corporation (668 units in development)

Home Forward (566 units in development)

Innovative Housing, Inc. (277 units in development)

BRIDGE Housing Corporation

Although the firm is based in San Francisco, California, BRIDGE Housing Corporation has the most affordable multifamily units in development in Portland. Its hollywoodHUB will replace Portland’s Hollywood Transit Center.

hollywoodHub Phase 2

hollywoodhub by BRIDGE Housing

hollywoodhub by BRIDGE Housing

Construction Type: New # of Units: 50-100
Project Type: For Rent
Estimated Value: $25-$100 million
Sector: Private, Public Product Type: Market Rate, Affordable
Location: PortlandOR 97213. NE of Hasley St and 42nd Ave
Details: Plans call for the construction of either 60 to 100 additional housing units, or up to +/- 80,000 square feet of office space, or a mixture of these uses.
Stage: Construction
Construction Start: Q4/2022
Construction End: Q4/2024

Home Forward

Fairfield Apartments

Construction Type: Renovation, Repurpose/Conversion # of Units: 75
Project Type: For Rent Building Type: Mid-rise (4-11)
Estimated Value: $35.82 million # of Buildings: 1
Sector: Public Product Type: Affordable
Location: PortlandOR 97205. 1103-1121 SE Harvey Milk St
Details: Plans call for the renovation of an existing four-story building to retain 75 affordable permanent supportive housing units that will consist of 66 single-room occupancy units and nine studio units. Services provided on-site will include mental health and peer support, housing retention, and life skills. The plan also includes a 3,100-square-foot commercial space on the ground floor, as well as a community space, offices, and maintenance rooms.
Stage: Construction
Construction Start: 1/2023
Construction End: Q1/2024

Innovative Housing, Inc.

Mann Mansion / Anna Mann House

Construction Type: New, Renovation, Repurpose/Conversion # of Units: 128
Project Type: For Rent Building Type: N/A
Estimated Value: $57.4 million # of Buildings: 1
Sector: Private Product Type: Affordable
Location: PortlandOR 97232. 1021 NE 33rd Ave
Details: Plans call for the conversion of the historic Mann Home mansion into 128 units affordable housing complex with a mix of 66 one-bedroom units, 48 two-bedroom units, 13 three-bedroom units and one four-bedrooms units. It also includes additional 32,000-square-foot building. The Anna Man House redevelopment is targeted for completion in three distinct phases: the South Addition in mid-winter 2023, the East Addition in late-winter 2023, and the existing Anna Mann House in early spring 2023.

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