Top 5 University Construction Projects

The Top 5 Universities Undergoing Expansion

Many of the nation’s largest universities are tackling multiple construction projects at once and it’s not uncommon to see different buildings going up at the same time on a campus. 

It makes sense that some of the universities with the largest enrollment are developing even larger campuses. 

New buildings for almost every field of study are being constructed. Along with that comes the need to create more living space.

From housing for undergraduates to graduates, the universities we explore will also be providing more areas for students to rest their heads.  

As these young men and women embark on more complex journeys through college, they are taking more challenging courses and thus need more of the larger, specialized facilities as we’re about to explore.

So what are some of the largest university construction projects taking place near you? 

We’re going to be exploring projects all around the nation. From Virginia to Washington state, New York and Texas, starting with one of America’s most desirable climates, San Diego.

San Diego State University, San Diego, California 

Mission Valley Campus 

Location Surrounding the former site of Qualcomm Stadium 
Value $3 Billion 
Schedule Starting in Spring 2020 Ending in Winter 2037 
Details 1.6 million square feet of academic and research buildings 15 blocks of housing, totaling 4,500 residential units A stadium for football and soccer with 35,000 seats Two hotels with 400 rooms Retail space 
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Virginia Tech University, Alexandria, Virginia 

Innovation Campus – Potomac Yard 

Location On the site of the Potomac Yard Shopping Center 
Value $1 Billion 
Schedule Still in planning and work is expected to last for ten years once commenced 
Details One million total square feet. Two academic buildings.  Incubator space for startups and research Alumni event areas. Offices for industry collaboration, Retail space. Parking garage 
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University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 

Multi-Complex Redevelopment 

Location The former Health Sciences Complex at the South Campus 
Value Over $1 Billion 
Schedule Still in planning and funding is being determined 
Details Approximately one-million square feet of new dormitory space by rebuilding McMahon Hall, Blakely Village East, Blakely Village West, Laurel Village East and Laurel Village West. 1.25-million square feet of academic and research areas: Fishery Sciences Academic Building, Staff/Human Resources Building, Ocean Research Building 
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City College of New York, Manhattan, New York 

Marshak Science and Athletic Building Modernization 

Location  Southeast corner of Convent Avenue and 138th Street 
Value $583 Million 
Schedule Design bid documents are being prepared for mechanical upgrades. Minor renovations are underway 
Details New instruction laboratories. New classrooms. Study spaces. Faculty offices. Science library. Renovations to pool and other athletic spaces.
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University of Texas, Austin, Texas  

Multi-Phase Improvements 

Location 1701 Red River Street 
Value Over $500 Million 
Schedule Planning stages for Graduate Student Housing and McCombs School Renovation. Summer 2019 start and Spring 2021 finish for Energy Engineering Building. March 2020 start and summer 2022 finish for Moody Center 
Details McCombs School of Business Renovation, 716 units of Graduate School Housing, Energy Engineering Building with laboratories and classrooms, Basketball arena with 10,000 seats for games and 5,000 seats for other events 
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As you can see, local university construction projects are constantly evolving as they offer opportunities to students from all over the globe.  

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