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Mixed-Use, Residential and Commercial Construction in Bridgeport, Chicago

In this article, we take a look at planned construction in Bridgeport, one of Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods. The Windy City’s 60th numbered neighborhood, Bridgeport is located on the South Side. We include a sampling of projects both in planning and projects already under construction: everything you need to be well-versed on Bridgeport’s planned construction as 2022 inches closer.

The Bridgeport area is bounded to the north by the Chicago River, to the south by Pershing Avenue, to the east by the Union Pacific train tracks, and to the west by Bubbly Creek. With these boundaries, we’ve compiled construction and demographic data for the Bridgeport neighborhood by utilizing ConstructionWire’s Geospex mapping and custom boundary tools.

These projects are listed in order according to estimated project value, and are sourced from a query of BuildCentral’s ConstructionWire for projects in planning and under construction within the boundaries of Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.

Planned and Ongoing Construction in Bridgeport

Screenshot from BuildCentral’s ConstructionWire of Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood outlined by Geospex’s Custom Boundary Area tool

Above is a screenshot from BuildCentral’s ConstructionWire of Geospex’s mapping tool. Using Geospex’s Custom Boundary Area tool, we outlined the Bridgeport neighborhood with the aforementioned boundaries of the Chicago River, Pershing Avenue, the UP railroad, and Bubbly Creek in mind. Not only does this tool allow us to isolate only those construction projects that fall within the Bridgeport area (or any area that you want to define), but it also provides us with construction and demographic data about the bounded region.

Below, for example, are Bridgeport’s construction and demographic data, courtesy of ConstructionWire and Geospex.

Screenshot of Bridgeport’s planned construction data sourced from Geospex’s Custom Boundary Area tool

According to the counts above, as of this article’s writing, Bridgeport currently has nine projects either in planning or under construction, per ConstructionWire. Additionally, you can see estimated total values for those projects.

Screenshot of Bridgeport’s demographic data sourced from Geospex’s Custom Boundary Area tool

Similarly, the above screenshot of data provided by Geospex’s Custom Boundary Area tool offers valuable demographic information about Bridgeport and its residents. There’s more data than we could even fit in the screenshot!

Now, as promised, it’s time to dig into a couple of Bridgeport’s projects in planning and under construction.

3315-3319 South Morgan Street Mixed-Use 

The Zhou B Art Center is the owner for this project, whose application the City of Chicago Committee on Zoning, Landmarks, and Building Standards has reviewed. 

Geospex screenshot of the 3315-3319 South Morgan Street Mixed-Use project

Project Type/Size:  Retail/MultiFamily (10,000-24,999 sq-ft), Retail/MultiFamily (10,000-24,999 sq-ft) 
Construction Type:  New, Renovation 
Estimated Value:  $1-$5 million 
Sector:  Private 
Location:  Chicago, IL 60608. 3315 S Morgan St 
Details:  Plans call for the development of three mixed-use buildings. Works include rehabilitation of two existing buildings at 3315 and 3317 S Morgan St for a commercial use with two dwelling units each, and construction of a new four-story commercial with two dwelling units at 3319 S Morgan St. 
Stage:  Planning (Active) 
Construction End:  N/A 
Bid Due Date:  N/A 

3212 South Shields Avenue Townhomes

The Chicago Committee on Zoning, Landmarks, and Building has reviewed this project.

Geospex screenshot of the 3212 South Shields Avenue Townhomes project


Project Type/Size: MultiFamily (14 units)
Construction Type: New
Estimated Value: $1-$5 million
Sector: Private
Location: ChicagoIL 60616. 3212 S Shields Ave
Details: Plans call for the construction of 14 townhome units.
Stage: Planning (Active)
Construction End: N/A
Bid Due Date: N/A

Ramova Theatre Revival

After receiving approval for this project from the Chicago Plan Commission, the Ramova Theatre’s construction team broke ground in October 2021 and expects to finish the project in late 2022.

Geospex screenshot of Ramova Theatre Revival project

Project Type/Size: Retail/Restaurants (10,000-24,999 sq-ft), Cultural/Social (10,000-24,999 sq-ft)
Construction Type: Renovation
Estimated Value: $28 million
Sector: Private
Location: ChicagoIL 60609. 3518 S Halsted St
Details: Plans call for the rehabilitation of the 1,800-person capacity of the Ramova Theater and Ramova Grill. The two-story building will feature a 5,000-square-foot brewery space, an outdoor patio, concession and bar areas, a ticket kiosk, as well as a 4,000-square-foot private dining space and balcony seating.
Stage: Groundbreaking
Construction Start: Q4/2021
Construction End: Q3/2022
Bid Due Date: N/A

3122 South Benson Street Townhomes

This project has already had a building permit issued.

Geospex screenshot of the 3122 South Benson Street Townhomes project

Project Type/Size: MultiFamily (18 units)
Construction Type: New
Estimated Value: $3.6 million
Sector: Private
Location: ChicagoIL 60608. 3122 S Benson St
Details: Plans call for the construction of a townhome development with 18 three-story units.
Stage: Early Construction
Construction Start: Q3/2021
Construction End: Q2/2022
Bid Due Date: N/A

Both of the projects listed above are new undertakings, but with 99.3% of the Bridgeport area’s land already developed, expect to see more additions, expansions, and renovations than entirely new projects. Additionally, with The 78 North expected to wrap up construction in 2024, keep an eye out for an influx of retail projects to keep up with the area’s increased foot traffic.

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