The BCI Construction League

Introducing the BCI Construction League

Our partners at BCI Central have recently announced the inaugural edition of the BCI Construction League!

We at BuildCentral are proud to share the free report, which details the top bid-winning construction firms across Australia. The reports ranks firms in order according to the total value of construction projects begun in 2021. To go ahead and give it a read, download the report here.

Many users find data beyond that which we cover in North America to be of use to them, whether because their businesses have larger purviews or because they’re looking to expand their reach. BCI Central’s Australian planned construction data research meets those needs, and they’ve compiled much of their valuable findings in a new, free insider report on the Australian planned construction market.

BCI Central has compiled the report by leveraging its unique standing as a global provider of planned construction data and software solutions. In the BCI Construction League, you’ll find fresh, actionable insights into the firms powering global construction industries from Australia. Here’s a breakdown of the information you can expect from the BCI Construction League:

  • Top 50 construction-industry firms in Australia, ranked
  • For each firm, total project count, total project value, and average project value
  • Project locations and sectors for the top 10 firms’ projects
  • Australia’s Top 10 Builders: watch out for names like Lendlease, Built and Kane Constructions

The BCI Construction League comes to you in partnership with The Urban Developer. We hope it serves as a useful tool not just for navigating Australia’s top 2021 construction firms, but also for getting ahead of the pack in the years to come.

For more on the BCI Construction League or Australian planned construction insights, feel free to head over to BCI Central. You can download the report for free here.