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Find Value In Planned Independent Hotel Projects

If you open HotelMarketData and search for planned hotel projects, you’ll notice that big chains don’t comprise the majority. There’s an underbelly to the hotel construction market, one not run by Marriotts and Hiltons, but it’s hardly ugly. Instead, it’s just full of independent projects. As such, you might be missing out if you’ve been using HotelMarketData to focus only on big-name hotel brands.

While those brands are great, and are no doubt planning and building projects of their own, they still represent a minority share of the hotel construction pipeline. So, without further ado, let’s learn to find the value in planned independent hotel project leads.

Why Independent Hotel Projects?

At this point, we’ve already cleared up that most planned hotel projects are independent ones. That means that looking only for chain hotel leads is limiting you to less than half of the planned hotel construction pipeline. Also important to understand is how we at BuildCentral distinguish between independent hotel projects. Some hotel projects we list simply as Independent, because they are exactly that. Others, though we list as Independent — Not Yet Determined. This designation means that we don’t yet know about the hotel’s branding, something that’s often the result of our getting the jump on projects before their permits have even been submitted.

Users may find value in independent hotel projects because other information providers  — often, hotel brands themselves — don’t always tell the whole story. They may release some of their planned projects, but not all. In fact, HotelMarketData users often find big-name planned hotel projects that the same big names haven’t acknowledged publicly. So, if you’re already looking at a smaller piece of the pie, and that piece has a bite taken out of it, you might want to look elsewhere. Like another, bigger, not half-eaten piece of pie.

What’s more is that independent hotels are still hotels. They require much of the same planning and construction expertise, service providers, materials, and labor that do other hotels. The key difference is that large hotel chains often work with the same developers, architects, and contractors. Not only do independent hotel projects occupy a large, somewhat untapped space, but they also don’t necessarily have predetermined project relationships. That’s where you and your business enter the picture.

Independent Hotel Construction Pipeline

As you can see below, the pipeline has nearly $23 billion in planned projects.

According to HotelMarketData from BuildCentral, Las Vegas currently has more planned & ongoing independent hotel projects than any other city in the country.

Notable Planned Independent Hotels

Plaza Hotel & Casino

Construction Type: Addition/Expansion Chain: Independent – Mid-Range
Estimated Value: $1-$5 million Franchise: Independent
Rooms: 1037 Scale: Mid-Range
Location: Las VegasNV 89101. 1 Main St
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service
Details: Plans call for an expansion to the 1,037-room Plaza Hotel & Casino, which will consist of four new areas. There will be a new 2,500-square-foot, 100-seat Carousel Bar; a 2,500 outdoor gaming area; a 225-seat rooftop patio expansion to the in-hotel Oscar’s Steakhouse; and the 1,200-square-foot Pinkbox Doughnuts.
Stage: Groundbreaking
Construction Start: 6/2022
Construction End: Q4/2022

Hilltop House

Construction Type: Repurpose/Conversion Chain: Independent – Upscale
Estimated Value: $150 million Franchise: Independent
Rooms: 120 Scale: Upscale
Location: Harpers FerryWV 25425. 400 E Ridge St
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service, Retail, Pool, Gym
Details: Plans call for the redevelopment of the Hilltop House into a 120-room hotel. The property will include a chef’s garden, restaurant, bowling lanes, arcade, golf simulator, wine cellar, two ballrooms, spa, infinity pool, and conference rooms.
Stage: Starts in 4-12 months
Construction Start: Q2/2023
Construction End: Q2/2024

Bahia Cabana Hotel

Construction Type: New Chain: Independent – Resort
Estimated Value: $5-$25 million Franchise: Independent
Rooms: 126
Location: Fort LauderdaleFL 33316. 3001 Harbor Dr
Ancillary Facilities: Food Service
Details: Plans call for the construction of the new 10-story, 126-room Bahia Cabana Hotel. The property will include six condominium units and 3,750 square feet of restaurant space. The project will be built on the site of the former Bahia Cabana Beach Resort.
Stage: Planning (Active)

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