Dollar Tree and Family Dollar: Planned Construction

[2022] Planned Dollar Tree Construction

Here, we look into Dollar Tree‘s planned construction amid the discount stores’ recent time in the news spotlight.

Dollar Tree, of course, compromised the integrity of its name when in November 2021 the store announced that it would raise prices from its traditional $1.00 to $1.25. Dollar Tree founder Macon Brock wrote in his 2017 autobiography that all of his stores’ products being $1 was essential to his company identity, and changing the price would relegate the company to the status of “just another discount retailer.”

Of course, even and especially because of this price hike, Dollar Tree isn’t just another discount retailer. Its brand is widely recognized, and many have depended upon its relative affordability to get by.

Planned and under-construction Dollar Tree projects by stage and construction type.

Formerly known as Only $1.00, the discount retail chain carries nearly everything under the sun, from toys and decorations to home goods and books, and they do it at multiple price points. Additionally, many stores have expanded to offer frozen foods, as well as other cold storage, snack, and pre-made meal items.

Despite experiencing what many would lament as a bad news cycle, though, Dollar Tree seems to have been particularly active when it comes to new and renovation projects in 2021. As of 1/3/22, BuildCentral’s ConstructionWire is tracking 47 Dollar Tree projects in planning or under construction with updates at or after 10/7/21.

Here are a few sample ConstructionWire project reports for planned and under-construction Dollar Tree projects:

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