Planned Construction Cannabis Facilities Across the US

[2022] 10 Cannabis Production Facilities Planned For Construction in the U.S.

As the decriminalization of cannabis sweeps through America, the demand for cannabis facilities is on the uptick.

And by 2027, the global legal cannabis industry is expected to be a $74 billion dollar industry.

In every U.S. state where cannabis is legal, companies are scratching and clawing to gain city approval and start building. 

As such, there’s a cannabis facility construction boom in California, Massachusetts, and Michigan where it seems like new projects are being proposed weekly.

At first glance, these buildings resemble regular manufacturing facilities.

But the truth is that these cannabis facilities are more like research laboratories than anything else.  

And there’s an opportunity for those that cater to these facilities.

These structures can be sophisticated and they may require complex plumbing, electrical, security services, alarm systems, POS systems, CCTV, waste collection, sanitization, and HVAC services to name a few.

Because it’s not yet legal in every state, expect cannabis facility owners, developers, and investors to continue building in states where they feel most welcome.  

We’re going to be looking at ten facilities that are either being planned or in early construction throughout portions of the nation.

Planned Construction Cannabis Facilities Across the US

Geospex screenshot of cannabis cultivation facilities planned for construction across the US as of August 2021.

1. Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center in Freetown, Massachusetts 

Value  $25-100 Million 
Schedule  Work is ongoing and all construction should be completed in late Q2 2022
Details  Extraction and manufacturing space. Testing laboratory. Research facility. Training center. Corporate offices. 24-hour security and transportation infrastructure 
Contacts  Developer – AmeriCann, Inc. 
General Contractor – Campanelli Companies 
PropertyManager- Bask Cannabis 


2. Little Morongo Cannabis Cultivation Facilities in Desert Hot Springs, California 

Value  $1-5 million 
Schedule  In planning and the developer has requested an extension of use permits. 
Details  Six new buildings. Total of 96,462 square feet. Mixture of cultivation and processing facilities. 
Contacts  Developer, Owner- DSH Enterprises, LLC 
Engineer- Amir Engineering & Surveying Inc 


3. Tradecraft Ventures Facility in Lancaster, California 

Value  $5-25 Million 
Schedule  The project has been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission.
Details  122,871 square feet. Space for cultivation and manufacturing. 
Contacts  Developer, Owner- Calandri Properties/Son Rise Farms 


4. Cresco Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Facility in Ellenville, New York

Value  $25-100 million 
Schedule  Cresco Labs have met with local and state officials to discuss the proposed facility.
Details  360,000-square-foot cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution facility.
Contacts  Tenant, Cresco Labs LLC.


5. AT-CPC of Ohio Expansion in Akron, Ohio

Value  $3.5 Million 
Schedule  Planning, a representative from the city of Akron (OH) stated this project has been approved.
Details  two-level 30,000-square-foot expansion of a medical cannabis cultivation facility.
Contacts  Owner- Klutch Cannabis


6. Focus Partners Dispensary in Kansas City, Missouri 

Value  $5-25 Million 
Schedule  Planning, and the project is under review with the Plan Commission 
Details  Two Phases. 96,680-square-foot building in each phase. Cultivation areas. Processing space. Dispensary facilities.
Contacts  Developer –  Focus Partners Kansas City LLC
Architect –  Yaeger Architecture, Inc 


7.  SW Bartlett Avenue Cannabis Facility in San Bernardino, California

Value  $>100 Million 
Schedule  Planning,  the city reviewed the plans for this project.
Details  1,757,760 square feet of space in 39 greenhouse buildings.
Contacts  Owner- Frontier Communities
Engineer- United Engineering Group  


8. Flora High Tech Cannabis Campus in Buffalo, New York 

Value  $200 Million 
Schedule  Work on some small greenhouses is underway but there is no schedule for the larger buildings 
Details  Cultivation and manufacturing space. Distribution center. Research and development laboratories. Extraction laboratory and corporate office space. 
Contacts  Developer-                   Zephyr Partners
Architect-                    BMS Design Studio 
Consultant-     Roswell Park Cancer Institute 


9. Glenwood Plaza Redevelopment in Pontiac, Michigan 

Value  $40 million 
Schedule  Groundbreaking
Details  Between 500,000 and 1 million space for medical marijuana development. Cultivation center and growing facilities. 250,000 square feet of grocery and shopping space. 
Contacts  Developer –  Rubicon Capital
Tenant – PharmaCo 


10. Sensi Park in Battle Creek, Michigan 

Value  > $100 Million 
Schedule  In planning, and the developer has purchased the property. 
Details  Five million square feet. Space for growing and processing. Multi-level greenhouses. Research and development laboratories. Collaboration center and offices. 24-hour security 
Contacts  Developer, Owner- DB3 Agricultural Solutions 


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