New Tesla, Wawa, Publix Projects Highlight Jacksonville’s Construction Boom

As we’ve settled into our New Year strides, we’ve had time to gather some first impressions on early 2022 planned construction activity. Jacksonville, Florida, planned retail construction is booming, but the Floridian city isn’t the only southern hotbed for planned retail and grocery store construction. In this article, we’ll look into some of the most notable planned and underway retail projects in Jacksonville. Stick around to the end, because we’ll also dish on some national planned retail construction trends.

Tesla highlights the names responsible for Jacksonville’s booming planned retail construction activity. As things stand, Jacksonville has over $400 million in the planned retail pipeline, and that’s just for BuildCentral-tracked projects that have updates within the last 30 days (1/10/21). Take a look below at the Geospex national planned retail heatmap, which shows over $37 billion in planned and under-construction retail projects. Of the top five cities for planned retail, Jacksonville accounts for more than 28 percent of the projects.

The above Geospex Heatmap displays over $37 billion in the planned retail construction pipeline.

Beyond being able to see that planned retail construction is all over the place, it’s also helpful to look at empirical information. As such, we’ve gathered high-level national statistics and trends for national planned retail construction from ConstructionWire.

Among the top five cities in planned or under-construction retail projects, Jacksonville accounts for 28 percent.

The below Jacksonville planned retail construction projects are listed in order according to estimated project value. Some are still in planning stages, while others have already reached some stage of construction, as specified in the ConstructionWire project reports. All data is from BuildCentral’s ConstructionWire, and all projects in this list have been updated within the last 30 days, as of 1/10/22.

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